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Blue Men and Brownies on Norwegian Epic



Blue Man Group was not on my bucket list, but Deb was thrilled they would be performing on our Norwegian Epic cruise. Thanks to the never-appearing dessert, our seats were not the best. We sat far off to one side, but fairly close to the front. The theater went dark and the show began.

A Divergence of Taste

Deb loved the show.  She laughed heartily through the whole thing.  In most situation we’re twin daughters from different mothers, but when it comes to Blue Men, we’re from different planets.

I was pretty neutral towards the performance until they pulled out the boxes of Captain Crunch.  I wondered what was up as they stuffed dry cereal into their mouths.  I lost my neutrality when they smashed in their cheeks and blew saliva-covered cereal into the first few rows.  This wasn’t my kind of humor.  Regurgitating half-swallowed marshmallows didn’t get any closer to tickling my funny bone.

The funniest part to me was an audience participation skit.  Someone’s grandmother came up and the Blue Men coached her through the scene.  She was obviously very nervous about being up there, but not to the point of timidity.  Before her time on stage was over, she gave as good as she got and that was a lot of fun.

At the end of the show, the whole audience participates in a group effort.  Toilet paper is unrolled at the top of the theater and handed down to the stage like streamers at a sock hop.  Then the show is over and you too can have your picture made with a Blue Man.

On the last at-sea day there was a Q&A session with the Blue Man Group sans the blue.  Deb attended and filled me in on all the Blue Man data, like the most marshmallows swallowed and regurgitated, but I’ll spare you.

Finally Dessert

After the show, the dessert we’d missed bubbled to the top of our priority list.  We discovered that the only place to get a dessert at that time of night was O’Sheehan’s.  There was one small problem, we’d misunderstood the directions and were looking for Oceana’s.  It took talking to several folks to figure out what we’d done wrong and what we should be looking for, but eventually we were being seated in the Bar and Grill.

Browsing the menu, the only dessert that interested anyone was the ice-cream-topped brownie.  I had no business eating a brownie.  I’d had more calories during the day than I usually have in a week, but there’s something about the sea air.  I ate the brownie, but I left the ice cream on the plate.

Loaded to the gills, all  I wanted to do was go to bed, but my crazy best friend wanted to find someplace to dance.  She went to the Bliss Lounge, but after a dance or two, the music went in some un-dance-able directron and they weren’t too far behind us on their way to deck 13.

So that’s embarkation day.  For our first full day at sea we had plans to work out around eight.  Wait until you hear about the gym.  That’s the next place we’ll go.

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