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Brick Oven Tavern in Plano


To me, Brick House is the name of a Commodores song.  In Plano, it’s almost the name of a tavern restaurant.  Bill and I tried to go on a recent Friday night, but folks were literally hanging off the rafters and we weren’t in the mood for that.  So we made a Sunday evening visit to this popular joint, instead.  First I have to confess, my vivid imagination replaced “house” with “oven” and I thought we were going to a pizza joint.  They do have pizza, but it’s not the main attraction.  Once I re-oriented my brain I was able to move on.

Dining Alfresco

We were greeted by a hostess and seated on the patio before I had time to get my bearings.  The sun was already down and I was a little concerned that I’d get chilly out there, but before I had time to formulate a complaint, I realized each table had a heat lamp over it.  Not only did the lamps provide plenty of light for reading the menu, but they kept us toasty warm on a chilly evening.  I’m wondering about what they do in July, but I guess I’ll go back and find out, because the restaurant certainly deserves some return visits.

And speaking of menus – you get two.  The food choices are on a clipboard, which I thought was sort of clever.  The cost of reprinting the menu is minimal, but the customer has something more substantial to hold than a piece of copy paper.  The more important menu is the drink menu and they literally tear it off a paper towel rack.  I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean, but it’s certainly different.

Beer is the main attraction at this tavern restaurant.  Looking through the large opening between the patio and the restaurant proper you see a bar with a wide variety of fancy beer taps.  Bill chose a wheat beer and I got an old favorite, Stella Artois.  For the beers on tap you have a selection between large, small and ridiculous.  Ridiculous being some portable, table-sized tap of your favorite brew.  Several tables were demonstrating how much fun they were.  Bill and I wondered if the beer stayed cold.  None of the tables we saw were giving it much time to warm up.

Bill was in the mood for a burger, but I wasn’t really as hungry, so I picked a bowl of mac and cheese – that’s what my cool nephew likes to eat.  They asked if Bill wanted his burger medium well, which we thought was odd, because most burger places recommend it a little less done.  Bill ordered medium, but said that the burger was actuallymedium well in his book.  He still liked it, but would have liked it better if it had been on the grill just a tad less.

When I ordered the mac and cheese, the waiter asked if I knew it was hot.  First I’m thinking temperature hot and I’m wondering why they would tell me something like that.  Then I realized they were talking hot taste-wise, but that sounded like it might be good, so I told him to bring it on.  The mac and cheese was hot both ways.  Totally delicious.  I loved it.

As we waited for our meals to come, I got to looking around and realized there hadn’t been very many people inside.  It was all happening outside.  You couldn’t see much beyond the bar, but I did see some ironic saying on the wall, like “we haven’t been around long” or something like that.  I couldn’t figure out exactly what the message was supposed to mean.

The unsung heroes of the meal were the tater tots.  Hubby loved them and I confess, I ate a couple.  The mac and cheese really was very hot and it was nice to have something to neutralize my tongue.  Hubby loved them because they were hot inside, crunchy outside with just the right amount of spices.  No ketchup needed.

After the meal we wandered around the almost empty interior and found a party just waiting to happen.  No wonder this place was filled past capacity on a Friday night.  I’ve already mentioned the huge bar with the fancy taps.  A sign above it reads, “Temple to Beer,” and I believe them.

There’s  TV lounge with multiple TV’s, so you and your buddies can cozen up to your favorite sport, not just be satisfied with whatever is on the megatron TV. We also loved the seating in the center of the restaurant – comfy loveseats pulled up on either side of a table.  We’ve got to try that next time.  Around the walls are funny food and alcohol related quotes.  The place is built for a good time.

Should you go to Brick House Oven?  Of course you should, especially if you have some time to hang out at the bar or want to catch the game – any game.

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