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Perry Versatile


On a recent Sunday afternoon we decided to drink alfresco in Dallas’s Uptown area. Yes, I know I’m getting a little old for that, but I plan to keep on having fun, regardless of age. Let me tell you, Uptown is alive and well – so alive and well we had a hard time finding a place with room for us on the patio.

Avoiding the Crowds

We investigated venues like The Katy Ice House, 6th Street Pub and Nick and Sam’s Grill, but they were all so crowded  people were nearly falling off their patios.  Suddenly, we saw a patio we could live with, in sight of all the madness, Place at Perry. It sounded like it was missing a “the” to me, but what’s an article or two among friends.

Not so long ago Perry’s was one of those traditional steakhouses with lots of dark wood and white tablecloths.  I know, because it hasn’t been so long ago that I took my dad there for his birthday.  I remember clearly, because it was an epic fail – not because of Perry’s, but because my dad was on his way downhill and I wasn’t ready to admit it yet.  But that’s a story for another day.

I was pretty sure this Place at Perry was in about the same location as the old Perry’s, but it sure didn’t look the same.  I found out the restaurant had moved a block  north.  They probably had to jump for their lives to get out of the way of the condos and apartments popping up everywhere.  Now they’ve attached themselves to The Gable Villa Rosa Apartments.  According to the waitress, you too can have a viewless two bedroom for $2700 a month there.

On this particular Sunday afternoon, the patio was busy enough to know something good was going on, but not overrun with wild youths either.  A sign told us to check with a hostess before making ourselves at home, but we had to go inside to find someone who worked there.

All New Inside and Out

Nothing about the new interior has anything remotely similar to the old Perry’s.  Everything was made out of some warm golden stone and polished to a high finish.  I went to the very swanky ladies’ room and my husband glanced over the menu.  He also found a warm body who said we could pick whatever table we wanted on the patio.

Once perched at a granite table and protected by an umbrella, we ordered drinks and an appetizer, spinach dip with lavosh.  First, forget about any creamy spinach and artichoke dip you ever ordered.  Then let me tell you about this.  It was mostly spinach, with a little bacon thrown in and some tomatoes on top.  Some kind of sauce was holding it all together, but it was almost invisible   I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this was healthier than the usual cream stuff, even with the small pieces of bacon.  It tasted amazing and you got a LOT.

I browsed the menu and if you have a meal there, it’s still a very steakhouse menu, so Perry held on to his food, even if he completely tossed the decor.  The prices are reasonable for  Dallas steakhouse menus.  I’d return for a meal in a heartbeat.

So, should you go to Place at Perry’s, even if it doesn’t have a “the”?  Based on the spinach dip and my previous steak experience, I’d say, for sure.

6 thoughts on “Perry Versatile”

  1. Von and I dined at the Perry’s in downtown Austin, three years ago. In fact, we stopped there on our way home, a week later. It was a “one-stop-shopping” place that included live music and a dance floor– pluses in our book! Love, love, love it!


    1. I think that Perry’s belongs to the one in Houston, which is part of the reason our Perry is having an identity crisis. He’s not part of that chain and they won’t let him use the name.


      1. First and only time I”ve had turtle soup was as an appetizer at Perry’s in Austin. Yum! Tasted completely diffferent from what I expected. Classy restaurant.


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