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Guilty Pleasures


Hello, my name is Jane and I’m an Ancient Aliens addict.  It’s one of the few shows I bother to record and I rarely delete an episode, because I watch them over and over and over again.  The bane of my existence right now is that I can’t convince my husband to upgrade our Dish subscription to include H2.  So, I actually found the H2 website and have been watching episodes there, something I’ve never done with any other TV program in my life.  I’m working my way through all the available episodes, but I’m dying to watch those which are locked.

Not to worry though, I’m not sitting here in a tin foil hat.  I don’t watch the night sky for UFO’s. There are no little voices in my head.

I Don’t Fit the Profile

People who know me up close and personal find my Ancient Alien addiction even odder than you guys out in the blogosphere might.  I’m this Uber-Conservative Evangelical Christian, who spends a great deal of my time wondering if the Bermuda Triangle phenomena might not be some sort of wormhole in the fabric of the cosmos.  Even when I was a kid I was devouring every book in the library about Native American myths.  This was long before Erich von Daniken wrote Chariots of Gods, but my pre-pubescent mind speculated on the possibility that these legends had some toehold in actual events.

My Ancient Alien Addiction

Maybe I’m thinking about Ancient Aliens, because I’m about to head into the Bermuda Triangle.  At the end of the month, I’m boarding the Norwegian Epic in Miami and spending most of the next seven days slap dab in the middle of the infamous Triangle.  If you never hear from me again, the aliens got me.

However, I think my preoccupation with Ancient Aliens may be the result of another phenomena called, “What’s Next.”  As much fun as I have on any vacation, I really think planning them is the best part of it.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to miss enjoying the fruits of my labor, but the cruise is in the bag.  I’ve planned it out, right down to the soda card, so the “What’s Next” bug is eating away at me.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t already have a checklist in my head.  I admit I’ve started softening Bill up for a European River Cruise, but having moved it up in the cue, a space opened on my wish list and I’m beginning to wonder if they have Ancient Alien tours.  The tour would go to places like Gobekli Tepe, Machu Picchu, Carahunge, Easter Island, Coral Castle and all the other fascinating places my Ancient Alien friends go and I want Giorgio A. Tsoukalos as my tour guide.  I realize the airfare alone would be astronomical, but a girl can dream, can’t she.

Before you call the folks with the padded cells and straight-jackets, I’m not a believer.  I’ve seen  Part of the fun of watching Ancient Aliens is catching their smoke and mirrors.  Still, they do ask some pretty interesting questions and it is fun to speculate on how some of this stuff came to be.  Dinosaurs hold no fascination for me, but megalithic structures discovered at the edge of some jungle with no apparent purpose and origins shrouded in mystery will get me every time.

What’s your guilty pleasure?   Would you be up for an Ancient Alien tour with Giorgio? I’m ready to go, but I’ve already explored the Pyramids in Egypt, Salisbury’s Stonehenge and the Vortexes of Sedona on my own, so maybe he’ll tailor the tour just for me. Especially since I’m such a big fan.  I’ll also have to take some scuba lessons, because there’s some pretty exciting sites submerged under the sea.  Where do I sign up?

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