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Burgers at Gordon Biersch


In the same way you sometimes forget to be grateful for your heart beating and your lungs breathing, it’s also easy to overlook the restaurants you enjoy most frequently. Take for instance my old favorite Gordon Biersch. I’ve mentioned it as one of my favorites in other blogs, but I’ve never actually written a post about it. Well, I’m fixing that today.

My First Visit

It’s been several years since I first visited Gordon Biersch at The Shops at Legacy, meeting some friends for a reading at an independent bookstore (which unfortunately no longer exists).  I remember wondering what kind of place Gordon had devoted to Birch Trees and what they might have to eat.  Sadly, one of my friends had an aversion to al fresco, so on my first visit, even though it was a gorgeous day outside, I sat in a rather dark corner of the restaurant and looked longingly at the folks having happy hour on the patio.  Our table was the only dark thing about the experience.

On that visit, as on every other, the food, though exceptional, was secondary.  The waitstaff is intent on showing the patrons a good time.  They’re excited about the beer and the food and they want to make sure you feel the same way, so the first thing they do is greet you enthusiastically.  The waiter wanted to know what such a great looking bunch of women was doing running around without a chaperon.   I knew the frumpy bunch of educators I’d come with didn’t need a chaperon, but the question set a fun tone.

When the waiter asked what we wanted to drink, he put us on notice that it should be one of the beverages brewed in-house.  My frumpy friends denied themselves the pleasure, but I didn’t.  I forget which of their beers I tried first, but I do know that every one I’ve tried, that time and on all others, has been brilliant.  Whichever beer I drank that evening, I had with the burger of the week and that’s what I’ve continued to have more visits than not.  There’s no telling what they might think to put between their buns, but I can tell you it will be good.  I do frequently get the pulled pork sandwich, too.  It’s hard to go wrong.

Of course, the best thing to have with a great beer and a burger (or pulled pork sandwich) is fries and Gordon Biersch knows fries.  At least they know GARLIC fries.  These are not something you should have on a first date, if you’re hoping for a kiss, but otherwise, go for it.  When they say garlic, they mean it.  Their coleslaw is delicious and they make nice fresh cut potato chips, but I’m telling you, if garlic is something you love, go for the fries!

Later Visits

I’d made several visits to Gordon Biercsh’s before I had the opportunity to take my husband.  On a warm Sunday afternoon in the spring we found a table on the patio and enjoyed ourselves.  We shared an entree without a bun that day and tried out several different brews, but mainly we just had a delightful time.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been back.  Just the other day I was at the Shops at Park Lane location, which is currently the only Dallas proper location.  I was with my mom and it was a little chilly to dine outdoors, but we split a burger and chips (she doesn’t do garlic).  As I looked around the chic interior and enjoyed the charming waiter I realized I hadn’t told you to go see Gordon yet – so now continue yourself told!

So do you have a Gordon Biersch near you?  Have you been?  Do you love it?

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