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Get Out Your Bucket List


You know how one thing leads to another? Well, back in November I went to a big nationally-advertised travel and adventure show. I saw Pauline Frommer and Samantha Brown in real life! It was a fun day and I have a whole bunch of brochures to show for it.  I made sure the travel and adventure people would notify me next time they came to town, but I didn’t know I’d get even more.

Filling in my Bucket List Data

Just the other day I got an email from the Cruise and Tour Center, right here in Dallas, and they let me know they’re having a regional travel show.  It’s this Saturday and it’s virtually around the corner from me.  Even though I had a great day in November, there were a few items on my bucket list that didn’t have any representation.  You better bet that I’m re- loading that bucket and making my way to this show.

The most glaring disappointment in November was that no one from Norwegian Cruise Lines would be there for me to quiz about free-style cruising, but they’ll be there this Saturday.  Since the November show, I’ve done a whole lot of research and I may actually know more about free-style cruises than people who have been on several of them.  I might be much better equipped to enjoy this style of cruise vacation than a was a month or so ago, but there’s nothing like the horse’s mouth.  I can’t wait to get a real live Norwegian rep face-to-face and ask about all the stuff I’ve been researching.

You may not be on your way to a free-style cruise, but you should make it by the Doubletree Inn in Richardson on Saturday, between 11-4, anyway.  There’s nothing like a travel brochure to brighten a cold dreary winter’s day.  Did your boyfriend break up with you?  I recommend a glass of wine and a travel brochure.  Hate your job?  Looking at a travel brochure will give a reason to go back to work on Monday.  I could continue the list, but you catch my drift.

Yes, I know you can get on the internet and research any vacation that you want to – but a travel brochure is so much better.  There’s no searching to do, no pop-ups and no salesman will call.  I keep a file box full of brochures close to my desk.  When life goes in an unfortunate direction, I just grab a brochure and dream!

There’s another reason to go to the travel show.  Specials which will only be available at the show, so get over there.  Travel people also give away the best swag.  In November, I got a year’s supply of emery boards, an inflatable travel pillow, a clear plastic toiletry bag for carry-ons  and a new beach ball.  You can’t buy stuff this great!  See you there!

3 thoughts on “Get Out Your Bucket List”

  1. Jane – It’s been a couple years since we’ve sailed with Norwegian but unless something has drastically changed, I guarantee you’ll love it. I started cruising with them back in the ’70s when I lived abroad and I always sailed out of foreign ports. Those were the days of buffets covered with raw fish! We always had such a great time that we managed to get around the fish! They do a spectacular cruise through the Baltic Seas – oh my heart be still. The style of cruising has changed a lot since the late 70s when I was always going out of foreign ports but it was great fun. We also enjoy the more relaxed cruises but we also like to participate in the formal evenings of dinner, a show and then dancing.


    1. We love cruising and have been on several – from the Hawaiian Islands to the Nile, but the whole free-style thing is new to me. So far, it seems like more work. Some people can just wander around the ship and take part in whatever they run into. I’m the sort that wants to know what all my options are so I can be sure I’m not missing something a really want to do.


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