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Cafe Istanbul is No Turkey

The bellydancers always find Bill!


Well, Cafe Istanbul is not a turkey in the derogatory sense of the word or even in the holiday bird sense, but it is a little bit of Turkey right here in the Metroplex.  Let me tell you about our latest visit.  You may want to visit as a deviation from traditional holiday fare.

Getting Out of the House on Friday Night

Dragging Bill out into the world on a Friday night is not something I accomplish with any great regularity.  When I do, we scoot over to someplace close to the house for a quick bite, from which Bill can get home in time for his Friday night ritual – enjoying a bowl of apple tobacco in his hookah with wild Arabic music throbbing from his iPod.  The smoke irritates my lungs and even though I understand the music is sung by a virtuoso, I haven’t developed a taste for it, so I usually read or play computer games in another part the house.

But for Julie’s birthday, he roused himself from his ritual.  Julie’s in our small group from church and has us over all the time, always treating us to some delicious creation from her kitchen.  She rates with Bill.  I had no difficulty getting him away from his computer and out into the car in what we thought was plenty of time for a 6:45 appointment.

Since we don’t get out on Friday nights, we didn’t know The Shops at Legacy were such a happening place.  Oh, we knew it was happening, because we go there a lot, but not on Friday nights.  “Hah, I’m here with three minutes to spare,” Bill smirked, as we approached the corner of Legacy and Parkwood Boulevard.  The light turned red, so he made a right and snuck up a side street. (Yes, I know snuck is not proper, but sneaked just doesn’t sound right.)  Then we found chaos.

Whatever suits your culinary fancy, you can find it at The Shops at Legacy.  We’re regulars at Gordon Biersch, Taco Diner and Main Street Bakery.  When the cool nephew came in, we took him to Jaspers.  This was our first visit to Cafe Istanbul, but to get there we had to park.  Sure there’s valet, but Bill’s not about to use it, even if it meant being late.

Unlike a lot of hot spots, The Shops at Legacy have a lot of parking, but on Friday nights, I think they need to start a shuttle from Cowboy Stadium.  That’s the only place I can think of that might have enough spaces.  You’ll see all kinds of cars from Maserati to milquetoast and the real fun begins when you try to match the hordes of people to the cars they might have gotten out of.  The Maseratis and Mercedes will be be pulling up to the valet parking, but the rest of us peons will drive in circles around and around the parking garages.  Here’s something you may not know.  The view from the top floor of the garage is outstanding.  We wouldn’t have known it either if we hadn’t been the ones to get the last available spot there at the upper reaches of the garage.

Cafe Istanbul

But Cafe Istanbul?  Outstanding.  It really is a little bit of Turkey right there in Plano.  The mezza is marvelous!  They have this delicious large pita-ish thing for the bread, that’s not exactly pita, because it’s lighter.  We scarfed down the hummus and baba ganoush with it in no time flat.  Dolmas? Delightful!  In truth, Bill and I would have been satisfied with the mezza, but had to keep ourselves entertained while everyone else had dinner.  So we shared the Adana Kebob.  My eyes had been on the kofte, but when a waiter heard me exclaim over it, he said I’d like it in the kebob format better than the cheesy meatballs.  Maybe I would have liked the cheesy meatballs and maybe I wouldn’t, but the kebob was great.  Later some baklava appeared on the table and Bill declared it sumptuous, but it’s always sweeter than my sweet tooth, so I save my calories for other things – like the wonderful chocolate cake someone had made for Julie.

And then there was the bellydancer, but the picture tells it all.  Excuse the shiny eyes.  Someone in the group took it with their phone, but I thought you guys might enjoy it.  So, do go to Cafe Istanbul, but if you want to find a place to park, don’t go on Friday night.

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