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The Travel Show and my Bucket List

The Folklorico Dancers were there in force, but there was only one booth about Mexico.


One more bit about the Dallas Travel and Adventure Show. I don’t know about you, but my Bucket List for Travel is in constant flux.  The top two or three destinations tend to stay the same, but the rest of the list changes all the time.  Going to a travel show really upends things.

Norwegian Cruise Lines & Miami Stayed Home

I enjoyed the show, but I was surprised by some of the destinations and vendors that weren’t represented.  My next major destination is a Norwegian cruise out of Miami to the Eastern Caribbean and I was hoping to answer several questions.

Since we’re flying into Miami a day early, I was hoping for a really knowledgeable resident/agent to give me some clues about where to spend the night.  Parts of Florida made an appearance here in Dallas, but Miami stayed home.  Do you know a hotel that is right in the middle of everything, will send a shuttle to get us at the airport and then deliver us to the ship?  I don’t want to rent a car and hoped to find a way around taxi fares.

Then I wanted Norwegian to be there.  It will be my first free-style cruise.  I sort of liked the good old days where everyone got dressed up and had a specific seating time in the same dining room.  I’m trying to imagine what it’s going to be like when everyone’s eating at different places at different times.  Will there be formal occasions or is it all bikinis and flip flops?  I’ve scoured the website and I can call Norwegian and chat up one of their reps, but I was hoping for a little face-to-face interaction.

Caribbean Well Represented

The Caribbean was there in several formats so I picked up every brochures – all of which I devoured almost as soon as I

The belly dancers made it, but not the turkeys from Arkansas.

got home.  We chose the cruise based on price and thought three days at sea would bring the relaxation we’re looking for.  Our ports of call are St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Nassau and most of my party has been to all these islands at one time or another. Anyway, I was looking for museums and historic houses to visit, but the brochures reminded me that what I need to focus on is the beach, shopping and drinking.  None of that cultural stuff on this trip!

Other Destinations Stayed Home Also

Another trip I have up my sleeve is to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art up in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Yep, that’s the one I’ve been wishing for since earlier in the year.  Arkansas stayed home from the travel show, but, Louisiana and Oklahoma were there in force.  I got enough information on Oklahoma for a year of long weekends and Louisiana has a new system of scenic drives coming along.  Will I put Crystal Bridges off again?

I’ve promised my nephews and a few friends I’ll be in California some time in the next twelve months, but did California come to Dallas?  No, it did not.  The only other trip I have in my sights is a visit to Augusta, Georgia.  I’m going to take my mom to visit her best friend.  This will be our third or fourth “final” visit, but as long as Mom and Mrs. Lide stay with us, I’ll just keep adding on more final visits and be glad to do it. Georgia wasn’t at the show either.

New Items for the Bucket

I was quite disappointed to miss out on first hand knowledge concerning these trips which I’ve already decided to take, but I did get plenty of information about other possible destinations.  European River Cruises are calling my name and I’ve just got to go to Sandals – the one with the private butlers.  Ireland seems like a great bargain right now and I’ve always wanted to go.  I’m not sure exactly where Malaysia is, but they’ve got the best brochures and Tahiti looks like it wants me to move it up to a higher priority.

What’s next on your travel agenda?

7 thoughts on “The Travel Show and my Bucket List”

  1. Oooh, travel! What a delicious idea! Overseas: Scandinavia (Sweden, in particular) and Scotland. Home front: NYC and New England. Oh, yeah, and San Clemente and San Francisco, CA. In TX: can’t beat the beaches of Port Aransas, N. and S. Padre Island, and Galveston. You’ve really pushed my button, Jane. 🙂


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