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Dallas Travel & Adventure Show 2012

Travel Show Hula Dancers getting ready for their performance


OK! If you love travel and live in Dallas (or anywhere nearby) take out your calendar NOW and clear this weekend. It’s time for the Travel & Adventure Show.  You heard me.  Do it!

Why You Should Go to the Show

Yeah, I know.  You can sit there at your computer and find out anything you want to know on the internet, right?  Besides, you’ve got the Travel Channel, right?  You don’t need to drive downtown, pay for parking and buy a ticket.

Are you kidding?

Travel isn’t about the information; it’s about the experience.  Experiences don’t happen when your derriere is glued to your desk chair or ensconced on your sofa.  You have to get out there.  Your next travel experience could be waiting for you and you’ll miss it if you stay home.

I inherited my travel bug from my mom.  She grew up as poor as everyone else in McKinney, Texas during the Depression. Vacations weren’t an option.  For her honeymoon she went to Arkansas.  Arkansas?  Really?

For the first eleven years of my life, Mom’s vacation planning skills only required that she get us to Texas from wherever my Dad’s job happened to be at any given time, but after he got transferred to back to the DFW Metorplex, she introduced us to VACATIONS.  At first, she was limited to research in the library and letters to Chambers of Commerce.  Then she discovered Mobil Guides and AAA Trip Tiks.  Then, after my initial stab at college,  I was a poor working girl who couldn’t afford a road trip to Galveston, but my Mom had finally earned her empty nest  and she was ready to fly.  Instead of her paycheck going to new shoes and tuition for the girls, she was going, going and gone.

That’s when she introduced me to travel shows.  Her real goal was to get there herself without having to drive.  She’s pretty timid behind the wheel, has no sense of direction and in those days consumers had no access to GPS’s, yet.  Lunch was usually included, so I figured I couldn’t lose.  The travel shows stirred up the travel bug she’d infected me with back on all those family vacations facilitated with Mobil Guide, Trip Tiks and Chamber of Commerce brochures.  I was hooked.

For me a travel show is like Virtual Search.  I type “what’s out there” into my virtual search engine and instead of avoiding pop-ups or having to wait for sites to download, I’m there.  No online chat, but real human beings without a script.  No need to enlarge the image.  It’s already life sized!

Last year, I saw Samantha Brown, in person.  This year I plan to get over my giddy bashfulness and actually meet her.  Either way, I still plan to become her when I grow up – well, if I ever grow up.

But my own giddy bashfulness was not the only problem I encountered last year at the travel show.  I love my husband and he’s my favorite companion, but he has not been infected by the travel bug.  When he’s traveling, he thinks it’s actually acceptable to waste calories eating fast food or waste time shopping at stores with locations in the strip centers closest to our house, going to movies and taking naps.  He barely even qualifies as a tourist, much less a traveler.  To make matters worse, we had some house guests with us.  I should have known better.  Their favorite attractions in any town are WalMart and the Dollar Store.

But I learned my lesson.  This year I’m taking my best friend who, like me, thinks a perpetual cruise might be a reasonable retirement option.   We’ll try all the Hands On Adventure Activities, deliver our palates to the Culinary Stage, tap our toe to the Global Beats and soak in lectures from Pauline Frommer, Richard Wiese and of course, Samantha Brown.

So will I see you there or not?  Either way, I need to go now.  I’ve got to clear out the box where I was storing all the brochures I got last year, so I’ll have room for those I pick up this year, and I haven’t finished reading about The Best Beds in Botswana yet.

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