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The Mesquite Rodeo

A Patriotic Moment


Today let’s go to the rodeo – The Mesquite Pro Rodeo.

My Rodeo History

Rodeos are directly related to my first attempt at college at Stephen F. Austin State University down in Nacogdoches, Texas.  It’s not exactly A&M, but there’s a whole lot of Ag students, as well as Forestry majors.  For the uninitiated, that means cowboys.  This was way back when Jerry Jeff Walker was first crooning about Luckenbach, Texas and Waylon Jennings could be seen eating at the Nacogdoches Pizza Inn.

I tell you this so you’ll understand that I’m not just some city slicker who showed up by accident at a rodeo arena.  I’ve got creds.  I beat Eddie Galloway at pool and drank beer on Harold York’s back porch.  Those names wouldn’t mean anything to you unless you were at SFA during the early 70’s, but they were just a couple of the cowboys I knew back in the day.  I’ve got more stories I could tell, but a lady doesn’t tell all she knows.

Anyway, when I go to a rodeo, I’m not there just to see the pretty horses.  I actually know a few finer points to watch for during those critical eight seconds.  I’m here to tell you that if this particular night was any measure, cowboys just ain’t what they used to be.  There were only four bareback riders and none of them scored above 75.  There were nine steer wrestlers, but only five even managed to get the steer down and two of those earned penalties.  And out of nine bull riders, only one made it all eight seconds.  That’s not the way I remember rodeo, folks.

In spite of a less than stellar contestants, I’m here to tell you that the rodeo is a darned good time.  You can get general admission tickets for $12 each and have yourself a hoot.  I’m here to tell you that anybody that hears me knows I’m Texan, but the announcer made me sound like a Yankee.  Beer is served at the snack bar along with all your favorite junk food choices.  And don’t worry if you don’t have the proper attire, if you feel like going country, you can buy what you need right there at the arena.  If you like to go the full Monty, then for a measly 60 bucks, you can sit in a box and have meal served as you watch the events.

Whether you’re wanting to take your sweetheart out on a date, hang with the guys, party with the girls or even take the whole family out for a treat, you’ll find plenty of folks doing the same thing you are.  And rodeoing is a multicultural event.  Back in the day, the audience was pretty much lily white, but that’s not so anymore.  Not only was the crowd “red and yellow, black and white,” just like that song you used to sing in Sunday School – there was a whole section filled with folks from Australia, of all places.

The rodeo will only be around until August 25th, so if I’ve inspired you to visit you better get your boots on.  Otherwise, put it on your agenda for next summer.  The arena is air conditioned, the beer is cold and a good time is had by all, right down to the tykes that Dash for Cash tied to goats.

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