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Say It Isn’t So Samantha Brown!

Samantha Brown


Who’s your favorite travel show host? Mine’s Samantha Brown. I like her because she actually seems glad to be in the places she visits and she doesn’t go all expert on me. Watching her shows are like traveling with a friend.

Samantha Brown In Person

I’m thrilled to report that I took this picture in person.  The picture quality might not be too good, but that’s probably an indicator of my excitement.

Samantha came to Dallas recently for the Travel and Adventure Show at the Dallas Convention Center.  I’ll confess, getting to see her was about the closest I’ve ever come to outright celebrity worship.  I held on to my dignity and didn’t rush over to meet her, but there were plenty of people who did.  She seems to genuinely enjoy her fans, but I’m just not groupie material.

What Samantha Said About Samantha

I’m not just a fan of Samantha Brown, I want to BE Samantha Brown.  I’m very satisfied with my life and it’s a rare thing for me to wish I had another one – but if that life could be Samantha Brown’s, well then I’ll admit I have some interest. Apparently, I’m not the only person interested in that.  Samantha led off her presentation with the details about how she got the job that everyone else wants.  The bottom line?  She lucked into it!

Her degree is in Music and Dance.  She went to New York to get on Broadway.  She worked as a waitress and went to an audition for an ad about something completely unrelated to travel.  Someone who liked her knew someone else, so they recommended she go over and try out for a gig about luxury homes.  One thing led to another and now she’s Samantha Brown – THE Samantha Brown.

This story is not new to me.  I don’t just write blogs for fun.  I’m trying to find a literary agent.  I have a novel completed and am editing a travel memoir.  I spend a lot of time reading articles and blogs by literary agents and other writers.  I also go to writers’ conferences and soak up every “how I did it” story.  (Oh yes, and I’ve sent out lots and lots of query letters.)

There’s one thing I’ve gleaned from all of this.  Ya gotta have a little luck.  Of course, you need to have written a great manuscript – but luck is pretty important.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to a writer or an agent give a talk about what you need to get published, but if you dig deeper, you’ll always discover that for every traditionally published book, there was at least one moment of luck.

It’s not all luck.  I mean Samantha Brown did get a degree, worked as a waitress and went to auditions like any other aspiring star.  It took Kathryn Stockett five years to find an agent interested The Help.  None of this is easy and luck is a scarce commodity.

I worry that I’ve used up all my luck.  The list of lucky things that have happened to me is long.  Just being married to the handsome and charming guy I have for a husband must have used up a goodly amount of my potential luck, but I have one more favor to ask of luck – please let me make it as a writer.

When Samantha finished her talk and went down to greet her adoring fans, I found my husband and headed off to enjoy the rest of the show.  I visited every booth, signed up for every drawing and collected several tote bags full of brochures.  One evening soon, I’ll spread the brochures out on the floor of my office and dream, instead of writing another blog or watching some TV.  I wonder where we’ll go next!

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