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The Great State Corny Dog?


Have you been to The Great State Fair of Texas, yet? It’s hyperbole to say that everything’s bigger in Texas, but when you’re talking state fairs, it’s only the honest truth.  And the fair’s mascot, Big Tex will never be called Tiny.  According to it’s website, the State Fair of Texas has been around in one form or another since 1886, but it really took off for the Texas Centennial Celebration in 1935.

The History of the Fair

Dallas went to great lengths to spruce up the fairgrounds as a part of the official Centennial Celebration and the actual State Fair was skipped that year.  Fort Worth had been overlooked by the Centennial Committee, but they decided to sponsor their own celebration anyway.  You can read about that at the Texas State Historical Society.  The not-so-friendly competition between Dallas and Fort Worth resulted in some magnificent architecture and since Art Deco was all the rage about that time, the fairgrounds ended up with some real gems.

Famous Fair Food

The food of the State Fair of Texas is so amazing that it gathers national attention.  Even Oprah visited the food court once to sample it’s collection of fried thises and thats.  Pickles, Snickers, Butter – you name it – someone will deep fry it.  The real star of the show however is the Fletcher’s Corny Dog.

Now I know it would be real easy to turn up your nose at corny dogs.  I’ve had those nasty excuses for a corny dog that they peddle in the freezer section of the grocery store.  In desperation, I even had those mall substitutes, deep fried by surly paper-hatted teens.  I’m not talking about those corny dogs.

I mention my desperation for a Fletcher’s Corny Dog, because I can’t just decide I want one and go get it whenever it pleases me.  It takes planning.  They only do Fletcher’s Corny Dogs at special events and venues.  They tried drive through restaurants once and found out they couldn’t maintain the quality and service they were famous for over the long haul of daily operations. Fletcher’s did what they did best in spurts.

I’m a big fan of Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, but I’m not one of those people who plans my life around the events where I can find one.  However, I never pass an opportunity to get one.  If I’m at a fair, festival or special event and I spy a Fletcher’s booth I will get immediately get in line – in fact, I’ll probably be in line several times before the day is over – diet be damned!

But I never want a year to pass where I don’t eat a Fletcher’s Corny Dog, so come hell or high water, I attend the State Fair every year.  That’s where Fletcher’s first served their little miracle on a stick and it’s still their biggest event of the year.  Oh, I’ll enjoy all the animals, the creative arts, the cars and the concerts.  I’ll probably even ride a few rides.  But understand this, I’m going for the corny dogs.

There’s one other thing I need to tell you about corny dogs at the fair.  You can’t just sidle over and whip out your roll of cash.  It won’t buy you a thing.  First you have to go to the coupon kiosk.  The coupons will let you buy food, ride rides and visit attractions.  You get twenty coupons for $10.  Don’t tell Bill, but I always encourage him to buy too many coupons, so I’ll have an excuse to buy one more corny dog on the way out.

The State Fair of Texas and Fletcher’s Corny Dogs are a great reason to come to Dallas, but hurry, because there are only six days left!

3 thoughts on “The Great State Corny Dog?”

  1. A big 10-4 on Fletcher’s corny dog. I agree, those grocery-store and mall varieties pale in comparison. Oh, and lots and lots of mustard. The turmeric in it calms down foot cramps (from walking all over the Fair.)


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