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Breakable News for Dallas Arboretum


An exciting new exhibition of contemporary art is coming to Dallas, but it won’t be at a museum or gallery. Instead, you’ll have to go to a garden.  Saturday morning I went to the Dallas Arboretum for a members event. Along with the number of pumpkins delivered for Autumn at the Arboretum and a list of the gardens being developed, I heard some fabulous news.

Chihuly Is Coming

This May, Dale Chihuly, glass blower extraordinaire, will install a major exhibition right here.  The great big Chihuly Studio semi’s will roll into Dallas with several huge pieces of his work and place them throughout the arboretum grounds.  If you know and love Chihuly the way I do, then you’re already thrilled.  If you don’t, then you are in for a real treat.

Dallasites are lucky, because we have a beautiful example of Chihuly’s glass mastery at the Dallas Museum of Art. The Hart Window is four stories tall and if you haven’t seen it, drop what you’re doing and go right now.  It won’t even cost you anything, because it’s right in the atrium before you get to the admissions desk.  (The free jazz concerts in the atrium on Thursday evenings are a great way to enjoy the masterpiece.)

To have Chihuly mount an exhibition in Dallas puts us on par with cities like Venice and London.  Some art snobs like to belittle Chihuly’s work, but just because the general public can appreciate an artist’s creations doesn’t demean it.  In their day, Michelangelo and da Vinci were pretty popular guys, too.

Other DABS News

Chihuly is not all that’s happening at the Arboretum.  During this week, fifty thousand pumpkins will be assembled into houses, floated in fountains and placed throughout the garden for Autumn at the Arboretum, which begins Sunday.  Along with the pumpkins, new fall annuals will be planted in all their glory.  You’ll want to see it.

Cool Thursday Concerts will continue through October and include everything from country singer/songwriter Max Stalling to a Bon  Jovi tribute.  If you want to make the concerts a really special evening, Restaurant DeGolyer, which is under-going a renovation of both its facilities and its menus, will have wine tastings on Thursday nights in October, too.

And pardon their dust, but two new gardens are underway.  In between the DeGolyer House and the Camp House, the new Red Maple Rill is nearing completion.  Those gorgeous red maples, in a wide ranging variety, will be highlighted along with new fountains, walks and flower beds.

If you’ve got kiddos, then take them for a play date at DABS’ Pioneer Village.  This feature is available for only a few more months and the sod house, teepee and other structures will be coming down.  But don’t fret, the kids are getting a larger more exciting garden.  Remember that foreboding bamboo forest down at the far end of the gardens – past the Camp House?  That bundle of bamboo will be replaced by the Children’s Adventure Garden.

Did you know the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society’s gardens are rated among the top twenty – not in the States – but in the WORLD?  MSN and others put them at number fourteen.  This alone makes the gardens worth a trip to Dallas, but Chihuly makes it a “must see.”  Come to Dallas and see our gardens.  If you live in Dallas and don’t have a membership, then this will be the year to join.

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