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Big Mac-ing Your Way Around the World

Need a lift?
Need a lift?


When you’re across the pond are you a “do as the Romans do” type or are you more interested in the next place you can get a Big Mac? I’m generally a “do as the Romans do” sort.

Strange Things I’ve Eaten

I’ve eaten tripe and a salad with sheep feet in Paris, enjoyed buffets in Egypt even when I couldn’t exactly identify what was on the platter and relished wheat cakes in The Potteries. Usually, every bite offers an exotic treat and I’m so glad I was brave. The sheep feet salad, which they called Salade Lyonnese, was the exception to prove the rule.

Favorite Meal EVER

What has been your favorite meal as you traveled in unfamiliar places?  Mine would be a meal I ate in Heidelberg, Germany.  Named Hirshgasse, because it was once a fencing school, it only served dinner, only had ten tables and only offered a single seating each evening.  I can’t even remember what I ate, only that from aperitif to hand-modeled chocolate swans, it was the best meal I’ve ever eaten.  A plate of peaches and cream served at the Copthorne Hotel south of London is the best dessert I’ve ever had.

Ronald’s Familiar Comfort Food

But every once and a while, even I get tired of being a tourist.  I want some comfort food.  When I’m in the good old US of A, I’m not a big fan of the Big Mac, but I’ll admit they do have the very best french fries of anyone in the world, anywhere.  French fries aside, I like Jack-in-the- Box’s Ultimate Cheeseburger or a Whataburger better.  However, take me on an exotic vacation and feed me strange food for about a week and a half and I’ll be looking for the Golden Arches.

If you’re planning any world travel in the near future, just published a list you might be interested in:

Big Mac-ronomics: What The Price of a Big Mac Reveals About Purchasing Power Around the World.

The list will tell you priciest place to buy a Big Mac is Norway:  $8.31.  In stark contrast to this 104% upcharge, India offers the cheapest Big Mac – a teeny tiny $1.65.   Imagine how many years you’d have to travel back in time to get an American Big Mac for $1.67.  I discovered a site that said Big Macs in the US cost $1.90 back in 1997.  Where will you eat your next Big Mac?


2 thoughts on “Big Mac-ing Your Way Around the World”

  1. Ultimate cheeseburgers? Mmmmm….I’d about forgotten about those, although they were daily fare when I was a grad student at UNT. My favorite meal out-and-about? It would have to be the Middle Eastern meal that Von and I discovered, by accident, one night in San Antonio. I can’t remember the name of the place but the leftover hummus and all that other stuff that came with it fed us for days thereafter. Yum! The worst? Any hamburger in CO. Any barbeque in CA.


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