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Travel in Black and White


Black and white movies transport me to places even a helicopter couldn’t reach. Watching old movies provided me an education in elegant travel. Decades passed before I realized the images wouldn’t translate into my life.

Road Trips in the Movies

Take road trips, for instance.  Everyone traveled in a convertible with the top down.  Their hair never mussed and the two happy couples suffered no difficulty in carrying on scintillating conversation.  Putting that aside, we arrive with our stars at their destination.  As the stars remove their luggage from the car, you’ll recognize two types of bags.  One is a rugged leather case and the other seems to be made of a woven material.  In the center of the woven case are three dark stripes, a thick one bordered by two thin ones.  You know what I’m talking about.  What’s really amazing is that each person has only one bag and everything they need is in there.

In the next scene, everyone has changed from their traveling clothes to some chic country attire.  Tweeds and cashmere dominate the wardrobe selections.  They’re gathered around a cozy fire with a gorgeous landscape peeking at them through huge picture windows.  Everyone holds a martini glass and the dialog reveals hints of underlying tension.

Then we’ll go to the country club.  Everyone in the movies belongs to the country club.  Tuxedos and ball-gowns replace tweed and cashmere.  Don’t ask me how the voluminous tulle skirts fit in that suitcase!  And how did they get their hair to do that?  Martini glasses remain ubiquitous.  Before the scene is over we’ll either have a fist-fight or someone will smooch someone they’re not supposed to in some alcove or maybe a moonlit balcony.

Back at the Cottage

If the movie is really racy we’ll get a peek in a bedroom, which will have twin beds, of course.  Mr. Star will be in bed with the covers modestly pulled to the middle of his chest and he’ll wear monogrammed pajamas.  Mrs. Star wears a satin peignoir and sits on a velvet covered ottoman before an elaborate dressing table brushing her hair.  Their conversation is pivotal to the plot.

Everyone dresses for breakfast and I don’t mean in sweats.  If there were not a maid serving toast in trays and eggs in cups, you might wonder how the ladies’ dresses and the men’s button down shirts looked so crisp, after the journey in the cramped suitcases.  But certainly this maid is not the only servant.  An entire cadre of domestics march just off camera and that’s how come a picnic lunch, complete with linens and crysta,l will be served out of a wicker basket in the next scene.  The gentleman will wear white and the woman a voile floral number.  We’ll have a swimming scene and probably some tennis, just for good measure.

Oh, you’ve seen this movie!  Then, you know there will be several more costume changes and a second automobile will magically appear, so that the once-happy quartet can drive home in unhappy pairs.  Didn’t you just love that movie?

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